[DOWNLOAD] Nirvana's 'Nevermind' (SPIN Tribute Album)

Tracklist: Various Artists, Newermind
1. Meat Puppets, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
2. Butch Walker, ” In Bloom”
3. Midnight Juggernauts, “Come As You Are”
4. Titus Andronicus, “Breed”
5. The Vaselines, “Lithium”
6. Amanda Palmer, “Polly”
7. Surfer Blood, “Territorial Pissings”
8. Foxy Shazam, “Drain You”
9. Jessica Lea Mayfield, “Lounge Act”
10. Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band, “Stay Away”
11. Telekinesis, “On A Plain”
12. JEFF the Brotherhood, “Something In The Way”
13. EMA, “Endless, Nameless”

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[DOWNLOAD] Brad - "Waters Deep"

Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard band, BRAD, offered a free download of their new song, 'Waters Deep'. The song premiered and available for free download on their official. Click download link below to download it here

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[REVIEW] Incubus Live in KL, Malaysia 2011

Incubus Live in KL was not just a concert, it was a journey into the multiple dimensions of a band filled with infinite musical ideas. With lead singer Brandon Boyd's soaring vocals reaching beyond the confines of Stadium Negara last 23rd July, and the bands intricate dissection of their diverse material live on stage, cemented together with such intensity, it was no surprise that the attending audience was soaring along in the musical landscape created by the iconic alternate rock/metal band, throughout their 100 minutes concert that night.  Their second showing in Malaysia which kicked off precisely on time, was made possible thanks to seasoned promoters Pineapple Concerts, and adventurous presenters Tune Talk, which is led by one of Malaysia's early indie rockers, Jason Lo.

The Set List

Wish You Were Here
Pardon Me
Have You Ever
Anna Molly
Promises, Promises
In the Company of Wolves
Talk Shows on Mute
The Warmth
Nice To Know You

Stadium Negara on floor

An alternative rock band from Malaysia, Rosevelt, as opening band on the show

Brandon Boyd take on "Megalomaniac"

Mike Einziger
Chris Killmore

Ben Kenney and Jose Pasillas


The show was over before 11pm and many left disappointed that they didn't play their other popular songs like Summer Romance (Anti-gravity), Are You In, Stellar, A Certain Shade of Green, Love Hurts and I Miss You. But it still nice to have them on Malaysia again this time.

They currently continue on tour since their 5th years comeback new album "If Not Now, When?". Join #incubustour for your nearest show

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[LISTEN] Bush - "The Sound of Winter"

Bush have posted their comeback single 'The Sound Of Winter' online last night. The song will appear on their new comeback album in 10 years due to be release in September 13, 2011. Play to their first taste below

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SPIN Tribute to Nirvana's 'Nevermind' by Giving Out FREE Album Download

 With its massive 20th anniversary reissue approaching in September, Nirvana’s landmark 1991 album Nevermind receives a track-by-track remake courtesy of SPIN
 This year marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's legendary Nevermind, and concerts, tributes and other celebrations are popping up worldwide to mark the occasion. One that stands out in the crowd is Newermind, Spin magazine's, track-by-track reproduction of the entire album, featuring covers by bands such as JEFF the Brotherhood, Titus Andronicus and a killer version of "On a Plain" performed by Telekinesis.

 Among the tribute's other high points: The Vaselines' members re-imagine "Lithium" as a slow but dizzying dirge, Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band turn the hyper-propulsive "Stay Away" into a funky soul number, and Amanda Palmer spins "Polly" into a creepy lullaby, while EMA offers her gritty, explosive take on the album closer "Endless Nameless."

The best part was that two of Kurt Cobain's personal faves -- the Meat Puppets and the Vaselines, both of whom Nirvana famously covered during their MTV Unplugged taping -- joined our effort. Below you'll find the complete album tracklist, with reflections from each contributing artist.

1. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Meat Puppets
2. "In Bloom" Butch Walker
3. "Come As You Are" Midnight Juggernauts
4. "Breed" Titus Andronicus
5. "Lithium" The Vaselines
6. "Polly" Amanda Palmer
7. "Territorial Pissings" Surfer Blood
8. "Drain You" Foxy Shazam
9. "Lounge Act" Jessica Lea Mayfield
10. "Stay Away" Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band
11. "On A Plain" Telekinesis
12. "Something In The Way" JEFF the Brotherhood
13. "Endless, Nameless" EMA


    "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
    One of two bands on this tribute to have been covered by Nirvana, the Meat Puppets chose to repay the compliment by tackling Nevermind's best-known song. "It wasn't daunting," says Curt Kirkwood, whose band is on tour in September. "'Teen Spirit' is just a few chords. It's easy to play -- slap some reverb on there and it's good to go." And anyway, he continues, "This was a cool, weird opportunity -- like playing with Nirvana on MTV  Unplugged -- so we're happy to take it."


    "In Bloom"
    "I was in my late teens playing shitty glam metal when Nevermind came along and fucked all that up," says the L.A.-based Walker -- and he means that in a good way. "They saved my career. I got to try making different kinds of music." Still, there's a trace of a less-than-fashionable influence on this "In Bloom." "We slipped some Yes into the guitar solo," he admits. "It's a tribute inside a tribute."


    "Come As You Are"
    Even on the other side of the world, Nevermind's impact was immediate. After the album's release, says Vincent Vendetta, frontman for the Melbourne dance-rockers, "all my school friends and I started playing Nirvana songs in our bands." He even witnessed Nirvanamania firsthand. "The one time they came to Australia, I passed a record store where Kurt was being interviewed with a big crowd watching. It was hugely powerful for a ten-year-old to see."


    "Nevermind is a rare thing," posits main man Patrick Stickles. "Since indie-rock music is so diverse, there's not always much common ground. But an album like this unites us across time, which is why I wanted to be faithful to the song we covered." There's also another, more fundamental reason. "The riff," he says, "is bad-ass." You can hear Titus Andronicus' similarly incorrigible riffs this month at Lollapalooza.


    After Kurt and Co. performed the Vaselines' "Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam," on MTV Unplugged, the Scottish twee-poppers were "always being asked if we'd ever cover a Nirvana song," explains singer-guitarist Eugene Kelly. "We'd always said no. We just didn't think we could find a way to do it that wasn't going to feel stupid." Seventeen years later, they have. "Keep it sparse," he says of their approach. "The more simple and naive the better."


    For alt-cabaret chanteuse Palmer, the genius of "Polly" has more to do with words than sounds. "It's entirely possible that the production on Nevermind is going to feel dated in 50 years, if it doesn't already," she says. "The mystery in the lyrics to a song like 'Polly' is so profound. People will always be trying to make sense of what the fuck exactly Kurt was singing about. That's what makes a song last."


    "Territorial Pissings"
    Even if, as singer-guitarist J.P. Pitts notes, "Kurt Cobain was dead before I could tie my shoes," he's had a complex relationship with Nevermind. "It was one of my favorite records. Then I went through a phase where I thought it was too '90s." Having come back around, Pitts found beauty in "the combination of perfect structures and weird, strange chords."


    "Drain You"
    "I'm the Nirvana guy in the band," boasts Daisy, bassist for the Cincinnati glam rockers. "Right away I knew 'Drain You' would be best for us. We're more of a vocally oriented band than anything else, and the melody line lets us showcase that." Well, that and "it would've been intimidating to do one of the big hits." Instead, he says, five minutes after the band chose the song, "we were getting drunk and jamming out on it."


    "Lounge Act"
    Mayfield has a confession to make: "I found out about Nirvana through the Foo Fighters. I'm sure I'm not the only one who walked that discovery trail." Her reason for picking "Lounge Act" is less contentious. "I love how the verse and chorus feel like they have no relationship to each other. It's like two different songs." Just don't ask her to choose between them. "That's like picking the coldest ice cube."


    "Stay Away"
    The fact that Bradley is a 62-year-old soul shouter made this cover a particularly interesting one for Menahan majordomo Thomas Brenneck. "Charles is a very spiritual cat," he says. "We couldn't have him singing the line 'God is gay.' The rest of the song, Charles kills, but the lyrics are so different from what he normally sings. Hopefully, that tension made the song better." Bradley is on the road in September.


    "On a Plain"
    This project literally could not have been complete without a last-second assist from Seattle's own Michael Benjamin Lerner, filling in when one someone -- no need to name names, so let's just say it was Wavves -- went AWOL. "Those songs are magical and kind of untouchable, says Lerner, who put out one of SPIN's favorite albums of this year, 12 Desperate Straight Lines. "So this was a superfun challenge, plus I got to take my new studio for a test drive -- I'd just moved and this was the first song I recorded there." Win-win.


    "Something in the Way"
    "The idea was to take the least heavy song on Nirvana's least heavy album and give it the JEFF treatment -- make it real doomy. That's all we know how to do!" says guitarist Jake Orrall, who, with his drummer brother Jamin, make up the Nashville duo. They also initially recorded their version to cassette tape before digitizing it, for extra '90s flavor. The band is on tour this month with Valient Thorr and Pentagram.

  • EMA

    "Endless Nameless"
    It may pop up ten minutes after "Something in the Way," but the coruscating hidden track "Endless, Nameless" wasn't an afterthought for EMA, who's touring this fall. "I wasn't interested in covering any of the other songs," offers the fuzz-loving alt-rocker. "The statement this one makes is just so awesome. All that noise and abrasion was the band saying, 'We're still punk.' I really wanted to try and capture that spirit.

SPIN Presents Newermind is available as a FREE download now through July 25 exclusively via SPIN's Facebook page.

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[LISTEN] Red Hot Chili Peppers - "The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie"

Listen to "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie", a first taste from Red Hot Chili Peppers' outcoming new album entitled "I'm With You" which due to be release on August 26, 2011 (EU), August 30, 2011 (US)

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[LSITEN] Blink-182 World Premiere First New Track In Almost A Decade – “Up All Night”

Multi-platinum superstars Blink-182 are back with “Up All Night.” The trio’s first new song in eight years, “Up All Night” made its radio debut tonight (July 14) at 5:00 pm PST/8 pm EST on Los Angeles’ KROQ-FM (Listen to it here).
The song also available for stream here. Play the button below.

 “Up All Night,” the lead single from the band’s forthcoming album (title to be revealed shortly), is available for streaming on the band’s website www.blink182.com.

 In August, Blink-182 will hit the road with My Chemical Romance as part of the 2011 Honda Civic Tour, which will reach 38 U.S. cities. In addition, blink-182 will be touring throughout Canada. Details about all tour dates can be found on www.hondacivictour.com as well as the band’s web site.

 With their energized pop-savvy sound, blink-182 spearheaded a new school punk scene. Since their 1994 full-length debut, Blink-182 has sold over 11 million albums and filled arenas and stadiums both in the U.S. and worldwide. All six of their albums have been certified either gold or double platinum, with 1999’s Enema of the State selling more than 4 million copies. In 2005, blink-182 announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus. They came back together four years later and began work on their new album.
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[REVIEW] Incubus - "If Not Now, When?" Album

Released: July 12, 2011
Producer: Brendan O' Brien
Label: Epic Record
Length: 50:03

It’s getting on for five years since established American rock band Incubus last released an entire album of new material, so expectations from their legions of fans are astronomical for new release If Not Now, When? This new album is their seventh release since Fungus Amongus, their 1995 debut and follows their longest break between releases. Fans will be pleased to know that If Not Now, when? does not disappoint…

‘If Not Now, When?’ 8/10
The first track is minimalist and a calm introduction to the album, lead largely around Brandon Boyd’s mesmerizing and unmistakable vocal. The sound Incubus have spent years crafting is as present as it was on 2001’s Morning View. ‘If Not Now, When?’ may not be an instant thunderbolt of a song, but with each listen, improves and yearns to be heard over and over.

 ‘Promises, Promises’ 8/10
First fully released single from the album, ‘Promises, Promises’, is not what is typically expected from a lead single from a new Incubus release. This is less ‘Megalomaniac’ or ‘Anna Molly’ and more ‘Are You In?’. Still, ‘Promises, Promises’ is an uplifting piano lead moment of funky lightheartedness and one that will be welcomed by many.

‘Friends and Lovers’ 7/10
Another chilled out track, ‘Friends and Lovers’, has a sweet melody and is executed brilliantly, but is not a stand out moment amongst the collection.

‘Thieves’ 9/10
Out of soppyville, ‘Thieves’ provides some brilliant lyrics and the most upbeat song yet. ‘Everything is fine, so long as you’re a god-fearing white American’ Boyd sings against the charming mid-tempo backdrop. Nice to see Boyd is his band mates haven’t lost their provoking lyric writing talents!

‘Isadore’ 10/10
The beats are slightly harder and heavier, yet the laid back mood continues. The lyrics here are the most vivid and story-telling on the album. Erica and Isadore appear to be riding a balloon to the moon, but Erica takes the only parachute, abandoning Isadore. I’d love to see an animated video for ‘Isadore’. This is addictive and layered and deserves several listens.

‘The Original’ 8/10
Boyd’s velvety tones are what makes ‘The Original’; that and the progressive build. The last minute builds into an epic multi-layered which is very welcomed at this point in the album, but the lyrics are a little too sickly for me, with ‘Girl you’re the original. Always were, always will be’, nevertheless I’m sure many guitar playing boys will enjoy serenading their girlfriends with this one.

‘Defiance’ 10/10
A purely acoustic guitar driven song, ‘Defiance’ is a stunning song that shows the band’s raw talent and ability to really deliver in a minimalistic way.

‘In the Company of Wolves’ 10/10
Over seven minutes of brilliance is ‘In the Company of Wolves’. The acoustic feel remains, and Boyd uses his voice like a well-oiled instrument. The song features several different techniques and sounds and progresses from soft acoustic, to an almost organic brooding mid-section, to an instrumental epic finale. Absolutely mesmerising!

‘Switch Blade’ 8/10
Boyd is apparently being attacked by a girl in a black hat? ‘Switch Blade’ has the most nonsensical lyrics on the album and provides a fitting moment of relief from otherwise very mellow and grown up album. Still, ‘Switch Blade’ is a very different track for the band.

‘Adolescents’ 10/10
‘Adolescents’ is heavier than it first seems. Crank up the volume or witness it being performed live (as I had the fortune to do last week at the HMV Forum) and you will have a whole new respect for the power of the song. Possibly the most commercially appealing song on the album, ‘Adolescents’ is energetic and mesmerising.

‘Tomorrow’s Food’ 9/10
A fitting close to the album, ‘Tomorrow’s Food’ has a complex calm orchestral feel. While Boyd sings ‘There’s no such thing as the end of the world’, he poignantly points out that we are tomorrow’s food, today, maybe highlighting our insignificance. It is beautiful, moving, kind of inspiring and kind of sad.

Incubus have evolved into a sophisticated band and If Not Now, When? is their calmest and most mellow album to date. As with all Incubus albums, this is completely different to any of their previous releases, but stays true to their highly individual sound. If you want heavy, chuck Make Yourself or S.C.I.E.N.C.E on, but buy this too, for those days you want to really listen- there’s a whole lot going on here. 


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