Video Review : Foo Fighters "Rope"

 American rock band Foo Fighters released a simplistic performance based music video on MTV today for their latest single "Rope," which is the bands first single off their upcoming album Wasting Light.

 Foo Fighter's music video for "Rope" has a basic concept of the boys playing in a cube-like room. At first the room is pure white, and midway though starts changing color.

 The camera never stays still on one member for too long, and the camera shot is constantly moving from one Foo Fighter member to another. All members are wearing black to accent the room color.

 The music video has a gritty look, which reflects the songs sound. In this day and age, music videos usually have crystal clear focus but Foo Fighters "Rope" looks like it was shot with a low-quality hand held camera.

 The music video has an intriguing change of pace when all Foo Fighter members became dark silhouettes playing their instruments against the all white background. The effect is especially brilliant because the only real thing in focus is their sprawled out guitar chords running from their instruments to the non-seen amps. When the Foo Fighters become black silhouettes the camera seems to be more in focus, which creates a sharper look.

 There is something simple, yet captivating about the Foo Fighters music video for "Rope" that makes you want to watch it again. Over the years the band has produced many music videos including performance, and storyline. It is nice to see after doing a storyline comedic video for "White Limo" they completely switched gears to a stripped down performance based music video.

 "Rope" is the first single from Foo Fighters upcoming album Wasting Light, which will be released April 12, 2011 via RCA Records.

Foo Fighters' "Rope" Music Video Sreenshots :

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