Album Review: Foo Fighters - "Wasting Light"

 In the music world there are millions of artists, but few have the gift of attracting the masses. Whether by his personality, his way of singing or playing any instrument or its physical, there are musicians with an innate ability to please. On the stage are like magnets; monopolize everyone's attention.

 Surely if each of us make a list of names that fit this description many would agree. I do not know if Dave Grohl would be one of them, but since then something will have when the new Foo Fighters album is long awaited. Wasting Light is the new production of the group since 2007 and is by Grohl or the party that the band has managed to get Internet and social networks, the whole rock world is waiting for the 11 songs that comprise it. Do we listen? There is no excuse for not doing so, remember that you are on your website in streaming and free.
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  The desire to rock noticeable from "Bridge Burning", the first track on the disc. It begins with a guitar riff that gradually you add up the other instruments. Then the voice of Dave Grohl, sometimes more aggressive, others more melodic, get hooked from the first minute.

 If there is a virtue that we can highlight Mr. Grohl will surely be to create good choruses, those that leave their mark and are not easily forgotten. It is the quintessential case of single Wasting Light, "Rope" , which serves as an example of this. Not far behind "Dear Rosemary," a song that starts with a slower pace, but is slowly gaining strength. His verses are quite catchy and the chorus serves as a culmination of one of the most unique and interesting songs on the disc.

 That the very Lemmy from Motörhead, another of the artists with the gift of which we spoke, appeared in the video for "White Limo" and spoke volumes about the spirit that has the song pimp. An item with heavy metal riffs, garage sound and essence of rock and roll. Can you ask for? Yes, the voice had not been so distorted and so in the background.

  Another of the figures of music and that surely was influenced Grohl Kurt Cobain, with whom he shared rows in Nirvana. In "Arlandria" is a dynamic between rhythms felt calmer and more powerful very typical in the group of Nevermind, but with a touch more versatile and melodic Grohl's voice. "These Days" shows us the most romantic side of Foo Fighters. And like love, mixing times slower, with clean guitars, with more drives, where they emphasize the wrong time to introduce Taylor Hawkins on drums.

 "Back and Forth" is not just the title of the autobiographical documentary about Foo Fighters will soon be published, but a rock and roll song with lyrics. Very rhythmic and dynamic again underlines one of those choruses that get quickly to the head. "A Matter Of Time" follows the trail to the previous cut, catchy verses, very sharp rhythm guitars and melodies enriqucidas voice to choirs and instrumental arrangements.

 "Miss The Missery" has a very heavy guitar riff, very old school. Play hard with intensity, with more relaxed moments and other flashpoints, especially the chorus, sure to be sung in full voice in the band's concerts. "I Should Have Known" is one of the jewels of Light Wasting not only by the collaboration of Krist Novoselic on bass, but by the tremendous feeling with which it is interpreted. In addition, all good rock album has to have the time ballad and that role perfectly meets the subject.

 To close this seventh album are "Walk." After Panther, I never thought I would hear a track with that title worthwhile. Obviously, the Foo Fighters is completely different, but with a number of arrangements and details that will not disappoint anyone. "Needless to say something about the chorus right?
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  Few can hit you get this Wasting Light and rock the world needed an album like this, a hard rock to recapture the spirit of life, the vintage sound that has brought analog recording and a list of topics with memorable melodies. May be bold to say, but it is one of the best productions of Foo Fighters since their acclaimed The Colour And The Shape 1996.

 As always, now it's the honorable judge. Of course, if you plan to see the group as a new tour , arm yourself with patience, because the tickets will soon be exhausted.

Release Date : April 12, 2011
Label: RCA
Buy album : via iTunes, Amazon
Top songs :  "Bridge Burning", "Rope" , "White Limo",  "These Days", "I Should Have Known."
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